After leaving school I did a carpentry apprenticeship. I have always been a hands on type person. I love the process of creation, working hard and stepping back to admire the finished product.

Building homes is a respectable job - especially on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. In fact any from of trade is a great way to earn good money. The Sunshine Coast is a fast growing and hugely popular area which means trade work has and will always be plentiful. 

But there came a day when I had simply had enough. I found myself very unsatisfied, grumpy and really just bored at work.

It wasn't long after I developed a distaste for carpentry that the quality of my work ethics deteriorated along the quality of the craftsmanship. 

Hashy&Herb, as an idea didn't come about straight away. Instead I worked in various other jobs all around Australia. I was constantly spitballing ideas and thinking of ways I could development my passions to create the ultimate job. 

I remember the day I decided to take the plunge and go after my dream - I was sitting in my car at Mooloolaba Beach and I had my phone in my hand. I was to fly back to WA in 5 days for another 4 weeks swing in the oil and gas. I recall asking out loud for a sign that I should be staying and pursuing my idea to create an eyewear label. Within second a guy across the street held his hands up to his face to act as if he ewas holding a pair of Binoculars .... Close enough for me I thought so I called my boss and told him that i was quitting effective immediately. 

I think its important to mention that I wasn't just throwing my self in the deep end with no income - The fact is I had already decided to sell one of my investment properties and I was expecting a project bonus from my now ex employer. It takes money to start a business and I thought I had enough - I was wrong.

Even though I have strayed at times, lost focus or changed my mind over and over - I always know in my heart that I am capable realising my dreams. There is no doubt that I still have a long road ahead and I find that if you don't offer self applause you seldom come across it in the early stages of an idea.

It is important to surround yourself with a great network of friends and family - It's equally important to find like minded people to bounce your ideas off and get those creative juices pumping. 

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